Dzalamari, traditional mask from the Republic of Macedonia

Dzalamari is a traditional mask from the village of Begniste, Republic of Macedonia, Europe.
Dzalamari – The ghosts that chase away evil spirits from the village of Begnishte in Macedonia. Macedonian tradition has a whole range of ways of celebrating winter, and the ones which are the most characteristic are often associated with pagan beliefs. In the village of Begnishte, people wear masks and dance dances and believe that in the unbaptized days, the dead are in motion and various vampires including the night demons, dark witches, evil fairies and other evil spirits are active and they’re working hard with the intention to do harm.To protect themselves from such things and situations, people perform various magical protective rituals. Rituals that occurs in the period of Vasilitsa is the ritual of Dzalamari (Macedonian: џаламари). This rite takes place in the village of Begnishte near the city of Kavadarci. Jolomari’s history began long ago when the same people were running away from the Ottoman Turks. They left the village of Ozot and came on the territory of Begnishte (the name of the village comes from the word bega / бега which means “to escape” or “escapes”). The ritual begins at night when the Jolomari goes out in the village and start their dance with the idea to chase away the evil spirits.
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